Saturday, August 31, 2013

Arvallon - "I'm Here"

She isn’t sure which ones are worse.

The nights where he’s fighting his unseen ghosts, moaning and crying in pain or fear until she is able to shake him awake.

The nights he shouts himself awake and has to take several minutes to remember where he is before she can even touch him.

Or the quiet nights, where she wakes up to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, bent over and looking utterly hopeless and alone.

Those are probably the worst, she decides, the nights when words just don’t seem to be enough, and all she can do is hold him and let him know the only way she can think of that he isn’t alone.

I’m here, she says with her body pressing against his, giving whatever comfort she can get him to take. I’m here.

(There's a few things off in this picture, mostly that Temple is a bit smaller than Arvallon and here she looks bigger, but I didn't realize it until I was finished with it, and it's not bothering me enough to go back and fix. >.>)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Arvallon - Leaving Makeb

 And more random story-time, only happier. Bioware finally introduced same-gender-romances on the planet Makeb, which Arvallon has been steadily working through. The problem here is, Arvallon is about as straight as you can get... which resulted in this popping into my head a few days ago. Enjoy.


“That Lord Cypharat sure is easy on the eyes, isn’t he?” The look Kaliyo gave him was her “you won’t like what I’m about to say but I don’t care” one, though it was rather wasted since Arvallon wasn’t even facing her. “If you want him, then by all means go for it,” he replied absently. “Although I’d prefer if you didn’t bring this one back to the ship.”

The elevator door hissed open, and they stepped out and headed toward the shuttle that would take them back to the Phantom. “Oh, no, agent,” Kaliyo said, a positively wicked grin spreading across her face. “I wouldn’t want to encroach on your territory.” “That’s a first,” he quipped back, then suddenly stopped and spun around to face her. “Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?” Her grin became even wider, impossible as that seemed. “Oh, agent,” she practically purred. “You mean you really didn’t notice those looks he was giving you?”

 Arvallon just stared at her; he opened his mouth, then closed it without speaking, then blinked. Abruptly he turned back around and continued to the shuttle, picking up the pace until his walk was almost a run. Kaliyo, who had to trot to catch up, just barely heard him mutter, “Past time we were off this planet.” Snickering, she followed him to where the others were waiting.

Their expressions caused a few raised eyebrows, but Arvallon refused to say anything. He hadn’t counted on Kaliyo, though. “Sorry we’re late,” he heard her say before he’d even gotten to the shuttle door. “Agent just had to shake a lovestruck Sith off his trail.”

“Oh, shut up already,” he muttered, but now the crew’s faces had turned curious, and Kaliyo always did love an audience. “Seems Lord Cypharat isn’t immune to our agent’s charms,” she explained with a knowing grin.

Vector promptly turned to the shuttle and boarded it, trying to muffle his snort of laughter with one hand. Arvallon stared after him with a betrayed expression.

Temple frowned in mild confusion. “But... Lord Cypharat is a man,” she said slowly, then looked at Arvallon’s growing blush and Kaliyo’s smug grin. A light turned on. “Oh. Oh.” She blushed deep enough to match Arvallon, then she frowned again, more fiercely. “Well, he can’t have him,” she said firmly. “He’s already taken.”

That was enough for Lokin, who made a suspicious choking noise as he also turned toward the shuttle, a mortified Temple quickly following him. As Arvallon made to board behind them, Kaliyo sidled up to him again. “You know, agent, if you need more time to say goodbye properly...” She trailed off meaningfully, waggling her eyebrows at him. Arvallon was not amused. “Shut up, Kaliyo.” She was still laughing when they finally got back to the Phantom.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Arvallon - Aftershocks

Random story for Imperial agent Arvallon, in my attempt to work through what the class storyline has done to him. This takes place a month or so after the agent story ends, but before Makeb. Warnings for disturbing dream stuff and for spoilers, though I tried not to mention anything specific.



1. A quake of lesser magnitude, usually one of a series, following a large earthquake in the same area.
2. A further reaction following the shock of a deeply disturbing occurrence or revelation

The dreams all started the same; it was the faces that changed each night. Tonight it was Kaliyo who stood behind his prone body, the vibroknife in her hand dripping his blood onto the floor. “You never should have trusted me, agent,” she told him mockingly. “It just makes it easier to cut you down.” Arvallon’s back was throbbing and he could feel his lungs already filling with blood, but he tried to answer her anyway. “I never did trust you,” he managed. “It was all in your head.”

He gasped in pain, and suddenly it was Keeper looking down at him, her face sorrowful. “You’re not supposed to form attachments,” she said. “Do you remember why?” He couldn’t speak; the blood was filling his throat now, choking him. “Because you never know who you’ll be sending to their death next,” she reminded him sadly.

Abruptly the pain and the blood vanished, though the knife in the Minister’s hand still dripped red. “I tried to do the right thing. I failed,” he said in a monotone. It was surprising he could speak at all, with his throat slit practically from ear to ear. “This is the price of failure, Cipher,” he continued. “Remember that.”


Now the Minister morphed into Hunter, and the knife became a syringe. He - she? he could no longer tell - bent down and stuck him with the needle, and the burning began, the same sensation he’d felt on Quesh when he’d injected himself. “You should have kept your programming, it would have made things a lot easier.” Arvallon wanted to scream, but his body no longer obeyed him. The pain spread with the serum, burning through his brain and spine, then his entire body, every muscle seizing up in agony.

“Arvallon! Wake up, please!”

He sat bolt upright, covered in a cold sweat. Temple’s hand on his shoulder burned; he flinched away from it before he could stop himself, and she snatched her hand back as if afraid she’d hurt him. “You.. you were..” she began hesitantly, then stopped to swallow. “Another dream?”

It must have been bad to frighten her that much. Arvallon took a moment to concentrate on slowing his ragged breathing. The room was dark, but he could feel the bedsheets beneath him and Temple’s warmth beside him. He was in his room, on his ship - he was home, he was safe. Temple touched his shoulder again, lightly, and he reached up to cover her fingers with his own.

“It was just a dream,” he said as gently as he could. “I’m fine. Go back to sleep, Raina.” She lay back down, though he could feel her eyes on him until he stretched out beside her and allowed her to spoon up against his side.

He waited until he was certain she was asleep, then extracted himself from the bed. He left the room and headed to the bridge, pausing only to grab a shirt on his way out. The bridge was still dimly lit, and he had no problem finding his personal holoterminal and flipping it on.

He started going through the latest reports Keeper had sent, trying to drown his nightmares in work... without much success.

I’m fine, he’d said, but he knew that he wasn’t. How much of the changes in himself were from the stress of the last few months, and how much were from the effects of the serum? He’d thought his freedom was worth any price, but now he was no longer sure.

How much damage had the IX serum done to him?

Monday, July 22, 2013

SW:TOR - Stuff 'n' Things

(Oh look, a picture post...)

Still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Still loving it. It's been a while since I've done any kind of posting on any of my blogs (except for Tumblr >.>), so here ya go.

Valkogo has completed his Chapter 1. I've barely started Ch. 2, but I'm looking forward to it, as soon as I can pull myself away from Arvallon. And I have to say, the whole chasing/finding/recruiting Jaesa bit? Sheer awesome.

He totally beat down Nomen Karr. Didn't even break a sweat.

Dear Val, that is not how you flirt with NPCs. Come on, now.

Speaking of Arvallon, I finally did something (sort of) that I've never managed before in any game outside of WoW - I level-capped him.

Cue the happy-dance.

Sort of. That's the old level cap, but I have a feeling getting him to 55 will be a breeze.

Posting for nostalgic reasons. Boy, how far we've come.

Finishing the whole storyline helped me realize how awesome the Minister really is.

I've also acquired a whole herd of alts, unsurprisingly. I think the biggest one right now is my Sith Pureblood Inquisitor, Ard'riin. He's on the Begeren Colony server and my highest-level there.

He's also kind of pretty.

He's an assassin, and is merrily zapping and mauling his way across the galaxy while he waits for his Master to finally try to kill him. Because he knows she's going to. Someday.

And now a list of my not-so-played alts...

Imperial agent Somar'i, operative. Waiting til Arvallon's capped to start seriously working on her. And she gets to romance Vector!

Consular/Shadow Arusik. Sadly, I think the only reason I still play him is to get my Miraluka legacy unlock.

Republic trooper/commando Raiffa. I don't play her much, but when I do she's a blast.

Smuggler Ismai. I love her so much you have no idea.

And I still have Arv'ak the Jedi sentinel, who I've been bad at taking pictures of. He's currently on Tattooine and nearing the end of his Chapter 1.

Those aren't all of them, but they're the ones that distract me from Arvallon the most I play most often. All my other alts aren't even level 10 yet.

And to finish off, have some scenery. The graphics and detail are still among my favorite parts of this game.

A park on Corellia.

The sky on Ilum, which is basically Hoth V.2. Prreeeettyyyyyyy.

Imperial Outpost Skyline on Voss.

A shot of the inside of the Jedi Temple on Tython.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Under the Stars"

On an unspecified planet (Alderaan maybe?), sometime after the agent's story ends.

 “What are we doing out here again?”

 “Shh. We’re watching the stars, remember?”

 “Sir, we live in a spaceship. We see stars all the time.”

 “Well, yes, but these ones are special.”

 “And what makes them special, sir?”

 “Raina. You’re ‘sirring’ me again.”

 “Sorry. Habit.”

 “These stars are special because I’m looking at them with my wife.”

 “… you do know when to say just the right thing, don’t you.”

 “Talent, my love. Comes with the whole agent thing.”

 * * * *

 “Arvallon, shouldn’t we be getting back inside? It’s very late.”

 “In a while. I’m terribly comfy here.”

 “It’s starting to get cold, sir.”

 “Well then, cuddle up here and I’ll keep you warm. Besides, I think my leg’s fallen asleep.”

 “That’s a rather lame excuse, sir.”

 “Sirring again. Raina, did you just make a joke?”

 “I… I might have, sir.”

 * * * *

 Light spilled out onto the grass as the Phantom’s hatch opened, the ramp lowering with a hiss. Vector looked around everywhere as he left the ship, but saw no sign of his errant crewmates. “Agent? Ensign?” His forehead creased in concern, then he spotted something and went to investigate. He found Arvallon sprawled on his back in the grass, with Temple nestled against his side, her head pillowed on his arm. Both were sound asleep.

 Vector stood looking at them in indecision for a minute, then went back to the ship, returning shortly with a blanket. He draped it over them, covering them both without waking them up. Satisfied, he left them to their rest.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back Into Star Wars

I've finally gotten to the point where I need a break from WoW, so my current addiction is SW:TOR again. I sprung for a two-month sub (because the FTP restrictions are dumb) and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. The story-lines are a nice change from WoW's constant fighting (go figure), and several classes keep on sucking me in.

Agent Arvallon with Mia Hawkins. Best warm-fuzzy moment in the game so far.

I may be sort of crushing on Vector since he joined. Hush, he's awesome.

Infiltrating SIS!

My agent has a friend/working-partnership thing going on with Watcher 2. It's awesome.
I am loving my Imperial agent's story. He's my "main" at 32, simply because his story keeps drawing me in and I can't let him alone for very long. I've finished his Chapter 1, and the next chapter looks to be even more interesting!

Since Vector joined at the end of Ch.1, he's been Arvallon's main companion- firstly because Kaliyo's annoying and Vector meshes with him better, and secondly because 2 dps-types kill stuff waaay faster than a tank and dps. My agent's a sniper, and while Kaliyo can and does hold aggro well, most of the time she dies during the fight and I wind up tanking something anyway. Vector has way better dps, and he can hold his own in a fight too.

Valkogo- Sith Juggernaut

Aww, Vette. <3 p="">

Had one quest where Val had to face a dark-side reflection of himself. It was partly awesome and partly O.o
My Sith warrior is my #2 toon. I'm going almost totally light-side with him, and it's way more interesting than dark-side, imo. Plus he's kinda cute and I don't want to mess up his looks with darkside corruption. >_>

Arv'ak, Jedi knight, doing Jedi stuff

My Jedi knight Arv'ak is #3, though I have alts of almost every class/advanced class there is. It helps that the story-line for each class is different, though there are a couple I wouldn't mind playing through twice (like the agent's).

Planets! Alderaan is one of my favorites, despite everyone else in the game apparently hating it. Partly it's because instead of speeders, you get to fly around on one of these...

Thranta! I kinda wish they were real so I could have one, they are pretty.

Tatooine is on the bottom of the list - there's only so much desert and sand people I can take before I feel like I need to scrub sand out of my eyeballs. Nar Shaddaa is not far above it, sadly, though it did seem better the second time through. I hated Balmorra too, but it's starting to grow on me. The rest aren't bad, though there's still several planets I haven't even been to yet.

Oh look, more sand!
So yea, that's what I'm doing at the moment. I do miss my Feathermoon people, and I do keep logging in for our RP nights, so I don't know how long this break will last. Until it does end, at least I have plenty to keep me occupied.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holy Flip, Rift

Rift has been updated recently for their new expansion, and since I just re-installed it on my computer, I figured I'd take a look at what all they'd done. Liking the new soul trees, but what really flipped my mind was the new skins for the animal companions.

It's probably worth noting that most of my old screenies were likely taken on my old laptop, so quality isn't the best. Plus low-res, cause you know, laptop. But still, take at look at these guys now!

First up, the beastmaster's pet.

Old model
New model!

And scratching, because it's cute.

I didn't have a screenshot of the old model for the ranger's dire wolf because I fail, but here's the new one!

Handsome, isn't he?
And here's the ranger's Razorbeast, old and new.
Old model.
And new model!

I am liking these guys a lot, might even start tinkering on Rift some more if I can pull myself away from WoW. Only problem is, my sub's cancelled, so I can only play with my lvl 20-or-lower toons (which is why there's no screenies of the druid pets, can't log on Shaurria to see them :P), so any playing I do do will be severely limited. Free acounts ftl.